Tourism suporting conservation


The Serere Eco Reserve, located 20 km east of Madidi National Park (considered to be the protected area with the most biodiversity in the world), is the crown jewel of Madidi Travel. Enterprise founded in 1999 as a result of conservation work that echoed the efforts of Fundation Eco Bolivia in the Madidi Mosaic. Decades of working in the area, enjoying the beauties of the region and falling in love with the land and its people convinced us that this paradise needed to be shared with others. We started inviting friends to the area and word spread; scientists, artists, photographers, film makers began to visit and all of them raved about their experiences.

As our conservation work took root, we decided that we would create infrastructures that would not only be useful for protection but also for visitors. We were encouraged by our visitors to open up to tourism, so we decided to do so in the hopes that it would help us fund our conservation work. In order to enable our visitors to see fauna up close and in complete safety, we have established infrastructures throughout the mosaic that include lodges, observation towers and platforms, bridges, boardwalks, and interpretive trails.

Throughout the years we have witnessed first-hand that not only is protecting and recovering the land possible but that this work is vital to the survival of our planet. We at Madidi Travel feel responsible to preserve the land and its riches for future generations as well as work toward countering global climate change. Like the many grains of sand that make up the ocean shore, our work takes place in but a little piece of the vast Bolivian Amazon, but nevertheless, we are convinced that small initiatives such as ours, combined with the efforts of others, can grow large enough to create a better world for all.

We are committed to ecotourism because we believe it gives the local populations the ability to conserve their environment instead of allowing it to deteriorate and fall into the hands of loggers, hunters, fishermen, miners and large-scale industrial projects. Our work in this area also has an educational component – both for those who visit us and the local populations. Almost all of our staff is indigenous to the region which allows them to pass their unparalleled traditional knowledge of the forest on to our guests, while at the same strengthening their own communities with the support of Madidi Travel.Just a few ways that the proceeds from our tourism are reinvested into these local communities include titling indigenous lands, improving infrastructure, creating community organizations and providing basic services such as water and radios.

However, tourism always has the potential to become the greatest threat to the very place that it seeks to celebrate and to different extents, its impact is felt wherever it takes place. This is why at Madidi Travel we have decided to reduce our emissions and our ecological footprint to zero, working everyday toward creating a beneficial impact on the environment and in the lives of the people that live here. Ecotourism is an important part of this effort and tourists who visit us are taking a small but significant step in favor of the planet when they choose our reserve for their vacation.

Welcome to the Serere Eco Reserve, where we hope that your eyes will open to the beauty of our planet as you join us in our effort to protect it.

Thank you for choosing us!

Best regards,

Rosamaría Ruiz