Tourism suporting conservation


Madid Travel came to be as a result of the conservation work we were doing through Eco Bolivia Foundation in the Madidi Mosaic. Decades of travelling and working in the area, of enjoying the beauties of the region, of falling in love with it, convinced us that this was something to be shared with people of sensibility. We started inviting friends to the area and word spread out. We started being visited by scientists, artists, photographers, film makers, and everyone raved over their experiences. As our conservation work took root, we decided that we would create infrastructures that would not only be useful for protection, but also for visitors. We were encouraged by our visitors to open up to tourism, so we decided to do so in the hopes that tourism would help us fund our conservation work. We established infrastructures throughout the mosaic that included lodges, observation towers and platforms, bridges, boardwalks, interpretive trails, and others. This has enabled our visitors to see fauna up close with complete safety.

Eco Bolivia Foundation and current members of Madidi Travel were responsible for the protected area with the greatest biodiversity in the world: the Madidi National Park. We were also instrumental in establishing many of the protected areas in the Madidi Mosaic (see map). Our current efforts are concentrated in consolidating the protected area of Serere, a four thousand hectare private reserve owned by Madidi Travel and functioning as the cutting edge to the expansion  of conservation northward in the Madidi Mosaic.

 Profits generated by Madidi Travel are invested in conservation and community work. Some of our investments have been the land titling of indigenous lands in the Madidi Mosaic, the empowering of indigenous community leaders, the establishment and strengthening of their organizations, establishing basic services such as potable water,  communication networks through short wave radios, and monitoring and protection work.

 Tourism with Madidi Travel is special not only because of our ability to help you see fauna in ideal conditions, the comfort and safety with which we operate, the cutting edge of the conservation work you will be able to observe, but also because you will be served by the people from the Madidi Mosaic who will share with you their life experiences in the area and their evolution from communities that, only a few years ago, had been living in a very basic way with an economy of barter, to their integration into the twenty first century without losing the values or knowledge of their ancestors.