Tourism suporting conservation

Welcome to Madidi

As founders of the Madidi National Park (considered to be the protected area with the most biodiversity in the world) we strongly believe that the preservation of the natural spaces of Bolivia is a priority, therefore we consider that tourism must be based on an ecological premise.

The crown jewel of Madidi Travel is indisputably the Eco Reserve Serere, a four thousand hectares protected area provided of a network of lodges, observation towers and platforms, bridges, boardwalks and interpretive trails in order to enable our visitors to enjoy flora and fauna close and safe.

In Madidi Travel we are aware that we have to fight against climate change. We are committed to ecotourism because we believe it gives the local populations the ability to conserve their environment instead of allowing it to deteriorate and fall into the hands of loggers, hunters, fishermen, miners and large-scale industrial projects

We not only work in the Bolivian jungle, but also have tours to Uyuni Salt Flats, Titicaca Lake, Island of the Sun, Moon Valley, Tiwanaku, Pampas, Potosi, Sucre, to Choro-Takesi Treksi, Condorini-Chiarkota and the Huayna Potosi and Chacaltaya. Wonderful places that make Bolivia one of the best preserved places in the world for genuine travellers.

In Madidi Travel, we have decided to reduce our emissions and our ecological footprint to zero, working everyday toward creating a beneficial impact on the environment and in the lives of the people that live here. Ecotourism is an important part of this effort and tourists who visit us are taking a small but significant step in favor of the planet when they choose our reserve for their vacation.

For all these reasons, welcome to Madidi Travel, where we hope that your eyes will open to the beauty of Mother Earth as you join us in our effort to protect it.

Thank you for choosing us!

Best regards,

Rosamaría Ruiz