Tourism suporting conservation

How It Works

Visits to Serere, a private protected area with exclusive use, can range from a minimum of three days/ two nights to ten days or more. We do not provide package tours and the schedule of activities is decided with the group upon arrival in order to best serve each individual’s interest, if necessary, providing different guides for separate activities.

The walks are not necessarily subject to a fixed schedule and Madidi Travel reserves the right to modify these according to the interests of the tourists and conditions in the area. Serere offers a wide range of activities and a broad variety of fauna can be seen (hundreds of varieties of birds including macaws, jabirus, hoatzin, eagles; howler, squirrel, capuchin, spider, night monkeys; giant ant eaters, two and three toed sloths, tapir, caiman, anacondas, ocelot, jaguar, pumas, and others.). The walks are adapted to the faunas’ activities. You are taught your way around so that you can enjoy exploring on your own, safely and in comfort, if you choose to do so.

Every day at Serere you have the option of an early morning bird walk, an evening walk or spin on Lake San Fernando in a canoe. Visitors frequently prefer to remain in their cabins until breakfast to view, from the comfort of their beds, the many birds and monkeys which pass by at these hours.

Please note there are no fixed itineraries. The following is a suggestion for a five day / four night tour.