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Madidi Mosaic

The Madidi Mosaic is the largest and, biologically and culturally, the most diverse protected area in the world. It covers almost fifteen million hectares (with a potential of becoming thirty million) in areas from 6000 meters above sea level to 150 meters above sea level, and has been created through lengthy and arduous work convincing political authorities in Peru and Bolivia of the importance of each of its pieces. It includes nature reserves such as Pilon Lajas and Tambopata; indigenous territories such as Araona, Tacana, Moseten, Tsiman, Leco; community lands such as Maropa, private protected areas such as Serere Sanctuary, and national parks such as Madidi, Apolobamba, Manuripi Heath, Manu and Bauaja Sonone. The work in the creation of these aras has been lengthy and silent. We can give you an example of this by citing the work in the creation of the heart of the mosaic, Madidi National Park.