Tourism suporting conservation

Advantages and benefits

Serere is a place in which one lives with nature. It is relaxed, and one has ample opportunities to meditate, rest, and recover ones’ energies, while observing the fauna lead their normal life. There is no need to exhaust oneself trying to find the animals. They are there. They have come to Serere because they feel protected there. Among the animals you could see there are squirrel, capuchin, howler, or spider monkeys as well as two varieties of night monkeys; tapir, two and three toed sloth; black caiman; a wide variety of snakes including anacondas; a wide variety of birds including harpy eagles, macaws, herons, eagles, toucans, jabirus, and hoatzin; a wide variety of fish. Frequently visitors prefer to view the animals from their beds or the hammocks on the main lodge, rather than going for walks. Some of the trails in Serere are broad and easy to follow once you know them. This enables you to do some of the walks on your own if you please.

If, on the other hand, you yearn for more adventure, you can find this as well in Serere. You can join us in our monitoring and exploratory work, opening your way and navigating through closed channels, entering the jungle where old lakes are becoming forest, and discovering how to walk through the forest without trails.

Parts of Serere had once been damaged by lumber companies and workers as well as a tourism outfit. You will be able to see these recovered, and to value the re-forestry and protection work taking place.

At Serere we grow a lot of what we eat, and do so in the traditional manner. We also collect food and fruit from the forest. You can see how this is done, and join us in these tasks if this is your interest. You can also learn how to make some native jewelry.

All of the staff at Serere is native indigenous people from the Madidi Mosaic. We do accept volunteers and researchers. This enables you to discover a great deal about our way of life.